Majoras mask was a cunt and sold on name brand alone. retarded story even more annoying navi worst characters, FUCKING TINGLE retarded time mechanic clock town fetch quests and DIARY fucking DIARY masks mechanic this was bad in OOT, but just a side quest filler made it fun and acceptable, the whole focus of masks in this game is stupid and annoying, it deviates too far from what made OOT great, dungeons, princess, bosses and LINK. the mask man, skull kid and majora is just too fucking far out acid trip. Did I mention the moon? nigger are you high ? deku scrub flower poppin stupidity goron rolling retardedness zora swimming bonk everything miyamoto gave them too much free rein and they took what could have been an amazing sequel to OOT and managed to shit out some stand alone what the fuck is gong on retarded pile of shit. Take away the zelda name, and link clothes and this would have stood shoulder to shoulder with all the other fail heap of shit games the N64 is infamous for, its superman tier. good music? yeah the clock town theme and battle track, no catchy ocarina melodies, oh? THATS BECASUE YOURE PLAYING A FUCKING TRUMPET, FISH GUITAR OR BONGOS LLOLOLOL! The convoluted dungeons and annoying side quest like that fucking crying baby or the fish egg tanks. even 100% speed runs cant be optimised because of so much back and fourth. UFOs? what the fuck is that in my zelda for? popular culture alien anal probes southpark lolololol! FAIRY MASK LOL! cant forget this shit, cross dressing is fun! did I mention you have to catch all the fairies ! TINGLE PAPAPAARRRRRRR! 100 gold skultullas was cool in OOT right? LETS MAKE LOADS OF ROOMS WHERE YOU HAVE TO GET 20 OF THEM! that'll waste some time ! LETS REMOVE THE SAVE FUNCTION AND PUT SOME STUPID OWLS IN, THAT MAKES SENSE, KIDS LIKE OWLS, no nigger thats the illuminati. I dont hate this game, but I hate the fact they ruined the opportunity to make a good OOT sequel, this is not zelda, this is a piece of shit mask and dress up game where I need to make a diary to serve and keep people happy while I try to get my horse back but the ominous moon. This whole shit game could have been avoided if miyamoto gave direction and we wer'nt a little faggot and KEPT OUR GOD DAMN FUCKING HORSE AND RODE IT PAST THIS SHITTY TOWN WITH A WEIRD PEDO MASK MAN, NO I DONT WANT A FUCKING MASK FUCK OFF. OOT 4LYFE

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